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Fair warning: Reading this collection of scary haunted house stories in the dark or by yourself is likely to keep you up all night as was surely the case for me. Or, at the very least, send a chill down your spine—even if you consider yourself the bravest of the brave. Oh, is that a challenge?


Mysteries, unexplainable phenomena and spooky events never fail to catch the attention of people. Some of these events just lead to new discoveries while others turn into spine-chilling ghost stories. India, also known as the land of superstitions, has many uncanny stories of black magic, ghosts, spirits and unexplainable deaths to narrate.

Not just this, there are many haunted places in India with spooky backstories being told from decades. Located near Jaisalmer, Kuldhara has been deserted since and is known as an abandoned ghost village. Only the remnants of a once thriving village can be seen here.

The villagers, seeing no other choice, suddenly disappeared one night. It is supposed that they cursed the village before leaving. Bhangarh Fort tops the list of most haunted places in India.

Graveyard shift—some of the most haunted places in india

The government has restricted the entry in the fort after sunset. There are many scary stories linked to this place. The princess became suspicious and threw the product on a huge stone boulder. Affected by the dark magic, the stone boulder crushed the magician to death.

Before dying, he cursed the entire town, sealing its unfortunate fate. And, the town is believed to become a haunted spot ever since. Many sightings of ghosts of four men drinking alcohol and a young girl in red dress have been reported in GP Block, Meerut. There are many witnesses to these strange phenomena.

Anyone who was brave enough to go closer claimed that the ghosts suddenly disappeared. The beach was a burial ground for a long time and is known to house numerous tortured souls.

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There have been many incidents of people mysteriously disappearing at night. Others have admitted to hearing strange whispers when they were alone on the beach at night. s of several paranormal activities have been reported in Ramoji Film City. Many times, spotlights fell off on their own, light men were pushed by some invisible force, clothes of females mysteriously got torn, strange marks were seen on mirrors, and food was found scattered.

Locals believe that the place where the film city stands was a war ground during the Nizam rule. And, the souls of the dead soldiers are believed to haunt the place. Shaniwarwada Fort is one of the Any real encounters haunted places to visit in India. Paranormal activities in this fort are at their highest on a full moon night. As per some stories, a year-old prince, Narayanrao, was brutally murdered in the fort. His body was dismembered and thrown into a river.

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Built inSouth Park Cemetery has graves of several British soldiers. Many people have admitted to seeing strange shadows and outline of a girl dressed in white. Once, a group of four friends visited the cemetery and felt dizzy and ill.

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One of them also had an asthma attack despite being perfectly healthy. Vrindavan Society in Thane near Mumbai is one amongst the top haunted places in India. This society is known to be haunted by the apparition of a former resident of building no. Many residents and night guards have witnessed uncanny activities at night.

Spine-chilling haunted places in india

One of the night guards was even slapped by an invisible force during his duty. The mill had to be shut down due to a fire outbreak. Sanjay Van is a forest spread across an area of 10 km in Delhi and is considered one amongst the most famous haunted places in India. There have been several sightings of a woman in a white saree near the cremation ground. She disappears and reappears in seconds. People believe it is the spirit of the woman who hanged herself from a huge peepal tree.

Not just this, many people have witnessed her sitting on the top of the tree.

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And, some even claim to have seen the visuals of her suicide. Jatinga is a village in Assam that is popular for its eerie phenomenon of mass suicide of birds. Every year in the months of October and September, the migratory birds fall dead on the moonless nights between pm and 9 pm without any reason. This unexplainable event has spooked many tourists and inhabitants of this village.

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Raj Kiran Hotel in Lonavala has made it to the list of haunted places in India due to some uncanny incidents that frequently take place here. Many guests staying in a particular room have claimed that their bedsheets automatically get pulled off.

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Many people have also woken up to see a strange blue light near their feet and they were not able to find its source. Girls boarding school in Dow Hill is believed to be haunted. Many students and staff members have heard the sound of footsteps after the closing time. As per legends, several murders have been committed in this forest. Many people have also seen a scary red eye watching them. There have also been stories of a woman roaming around the forest and disappearing if someone tried to follow.

The terrifying true stories that your favorite horror movies are based on

Also, it is said that many people who went into the forest lost their mental balance and some even committed suicide. The building is haunted by the ghost of Inspector General, Colonel N. People who work in the building admit to hearing screams and the sound of footsteps coming from vacant rooms. One day, Doice Vas was brutally stabbed to death and was buried there itself. Vera Vas moved out of the villa. Ever since the murder, the place is being haunted by the spirit of Doice Vas. Many paranormal activists have verified the existence of some negative energy in the villa.

Fern Hill Hotel has been closed due to the frequent paranormal occurrences. The shoot of Bollywood film Raaz took place at this hotel. The film crew was unable to sleep due to the disturbance caused by the shuffling of furniture on the first floor.

These 10 most haunted places in india will send a chill down your spine!

When they tried to call the reception, the line was dead. When they complained the next morning, the receptionist told them that there was no first floor in the hotel. The high court in Mumbai is believed to be one amongst the many haunted places in India.

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It is said that a vengeful spirit restricts the convicts of a murder case to enter the courtroom whenever a murder trial takes place since the last 30 years. The rumour is that the ghost of a lawyer haunts the guilty murder convicts. A woman fell into the tube well of the chawl and died from drowning. The ghost of the woman still haunts the area near the well. Many people have seen a distressed-looking woman roaming alone at night.

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A little girl died at a construction site in Chandan Nagar Puneover a decade ago. It is believed that her ghost still roams the street of that area around midnight. People also claim to have seen a little girl with a doll in her hands and dressed in a blood-stained white frock. A mansion located near Residency Club, Pune, is believed to be haunted by the evil spirit of an old lady who was killed in it.

Many people have witnessed an old woman staring out of the window and screaming for help. People have also heard strange voices, creepy laughter and spine-chilling screams coming from inside the abandoned mansion. Temple of a goddess was demolished in Ravindra Nagar in Hyderabad.

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