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If a Polish girl hates the drunk guy trying to approach her, she still treats him with respect by letting him down easy, especially when not in a snobby club. I loved it whenever a Polish girl would insist on cleaning my house, offering to cook for me, or making genuine offers to take care of me when I was sick.

Trust me when I say that it never got old. Polish women made me want to be a provider—a strong man who could maintain a home and take care of her financially. They look and act like women—end of discussion. Not counting a tiny minority of hipsters, Polish girls want to look their best at all times to be more attractive to the opposite sex. I met Polish lawyers who were in the 99th percentile of femininity. She takes her education very seriously.

They have a surprisingly sharp sense of humor, with a grasp of sarcasm that is comparable to American girls. I could dial it up from what it was in Iceland and Denmark. I was surprised that my American-style humor transferred so well until I discovered that they love American movies and television. If she had been more fluent in English and could have expressed herself fully, the title of this book might have been Marry Poland.

No drama. The biggest fight I had with a girl in Poland, if you want to call it that, was when she refused to suck my dick while she was on her period.

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That argument lasted two minutes. No games. The girls have no idea how to play the game.

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It was almost like having the answers to a test before showing up to take it. Girls are happier sleeping with one guy than playing the field. They have no desire to lead a Sex and the City existence. Once you get her in bed, no matter how quickly, you can most likely enter a relationship with her if you wish.

Polish girls look and act wholesome, but good lord do they love sex. My manhood usually tired out other women by the second or third go around, but Polish girls wanted much more than I was able to provide. They wanted the dick inside them for as long as possible, not satisfied with only one fuck per night, which is all that Polish guys seem to muster. I told one girl that she had a pussy made of steel, and she took it as a compliment. Insecure and self-conscious. There were three girls I dated somewhat long-term, and I saw none of them without makeup.

Family values. Polish girls have strong relationships with their mothers.

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Only in Poland did I see mothers and daughters walking hand-in-hand in malls while eating ice cream or talking. I even saw them shopping at grocery stores together, and that was in cities, not little villages. I rarely saw such a sight in Western countries, and when I did, the daughter would treat her mother like an annoyance instead of a queen.

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I have a suspicion that this strong maternal love is why Polish women are so nurturing—they simply learn it from Mom. Not too affectionate. Besides handholding, Polish girls are shy about being affectionate in public.

Their ability to be verbally affectionate is even worse. I have to admit that Poland was a country where it was harder to develop a strong emotional connection than in Latin America. Not too sexy. While Polish girls are ultra-feminine, they prefer hiding their bits. Nonetheless, Polish girls were a joy to spend time with. I definitely plan on returning some day in the future.

It contains tourist tips, game advice, and sex stories that give you all the information you need to bang lovely Polish women, with extra details not released on the blog. It seems to me that you have been posting your response to the criticism to each of your books. I am an indian boyim from northern india and I find polish girls very pretty.

I must say that you have kicked the butt of these Lundians…. Hassan Nasir, I have gone to most of these places shown in these pictures.

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Beauty is, i cannot describe in words. Its beyond imagination.

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Soon we will settle down and tourists will be back in Pakistan. Shera bhai ne mje btaya h k wo tumhari maa ko chod kar migrate kr ke Pakistan agaye they…ab b wo btate hn k unki apni biwi se yani teri amma se baat hoti h aur wo kehti ha k shera; punk aj b wasa hi ha jaise pehle tha… yani lund jitna…. Shera bhai ko rape karna h aur tuje b bithaein ge sath ta k tu b dkh sakey…….

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Abhi se batadun k unka bohot karwa aur usme zahar poisonous bhara hua h……agar tu pregnant hogaya tou phir???? Acha……done then.

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If you want to sleep with a Pakistani guy, ok then. I watch your shows on youtube. If you are not ignorant, you will see the s with whom Kashmir wants to be in near future. Wake up, lundian. Now the thousands of sons of those 10, fathers are with Pakistan. They cheer for Pakistan. They fight for Pakistan.

We are happy that Bangladesh is created which is another Muslim nation on your right. But even that, according to your logic about partition of india, you yourself breaks your own india in inas you considers all these territories belong to India.

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A humiliating set back for you : A leader of the banned United Baloch Army UBA has surrendered to authorities along with his 50 supporters. I like it because it means whole world will be get rid of 1. Pakistan has his his eyes on IOK. It is on our top priority. Pakistan and Kashmir are inseparable.

Kashmir is unfinished agenda of partition. Remember, all those rulers who ruled India came from madarassa, they studied in madarasa, the same madarassa, on which you Lundians now laugh and make fun of. Now, i understand why you are so pissd off by Madarassa. Be a good slave, it is not right by any means to spit your venom against your ex-rulers. Abhi b agar tum logon ki gand me kharish h tou usme apni ungli daal k aram kar aur soja.

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Agar Indiots kahen tou Pakistan daal de magar masla yeh h k kharish kam honey k bajae barh jaigi. Kootha, why are you ponking. Lying ugly smelly Indian piece of shit. Since when did a paki become british?

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Seems like your father didnt use a good condom. You must be such a big embarrassment to him. Haramy i fucked your mama and sister so hard that they have become pregnant. Its al-amriki drone, ready to fire your ass. Alex: I solute you for these brave words. You are a true Polish girl.

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I worked at Polish consulate and i still appreciate the dignity, moral character and self confidence of Polish ladies with whom i worked for four years. These Indians are renegades. They do not have self respect. Every 20 seconds a girl is raped in India. Girls are raped in public transport, Nuns are abducted, raped and killed. Churches are burned and erased. Low cast Hindu girls are kidnapped, raped and hanged with tree to conceal crime by ruling elite. Its viewing is banned in India. It is self explanatory. It is pretty self explainatory. Thank you for your salutation.

I appreciate it. Rapes didnt happen in Pakistan? Atleast we people are protesting and taking up the streets against such atrocities on the women folk. What are you folks doing?

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