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A registered nurse and a mom who loves to share health resources to help others. Read full profile. Ever wish to be more well-rounded, knowledgeable, or well-informed about the world around you? Not sure how get there? Some people use a certain technique that allows them to constantly learn and become knowledgeable on numerous topics.


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The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary. Use definitions and examples to help you see how these intellectual terms differ.

The difference between being knowledgeable and wise

Think of a store where you, the salesperson, must talk to every customer to find out exactly what they want. There is nothing on the shelves for them to choose from — only your expertise! That's how online companies work when they don't have a knowledge base for users to look through. Keep reading for examples of knowledge base examples in different industries and tips on how to create your own.

All rights reserved. Home Sentence Knowledgeable Knowledgeable sentence example knowledgeable. Having mastered the knowledge to become a London black cab driver, Serek is now becoming knowledgeable about the overseas property market.

Empowering young leaders to thrive in a hectic world

The head teacher was knowledgeable in each subject. I have always found Emma Ginn to be immensely knowledgeable and helpful. He was a knowledgeable chap. They were each knowledgeable in their particular field. You were better off than before, in terms of making a knowledgeable decision. Our CPD courses are run by our highly knowledgeable academic staff who are experts in their field.

I meant he thinks so much of you that he even bought a book so he could be knowledgeable about the subject when he talked to you. Regent Holidays has a superb team of extremely knowledgeable tours managers who are very enthusiastic about the areas they cover. We have teachers who are knowledgeable on the subject and, again, we are encouraged by your flexibility. Our knowledgeablefriendly staff is looking forward to hearing from you. The case worker should be easy to contact and thoroughly knowledgeable in the issues that surround your particular case. A knowledgeable friend, if available, is an excellent choice.

Small, independently owned shops will be your best bet for personalized service and knowledgeable employees. Consider looking at independent online review websites like CNET and talk with knowledgeable salespeople in order to make an informed decision. In today's tech-savvy world, electronics are always good sellers, even for people who aren't as knowledgeable about their devices.

Knowledgeable sentence example

Being well-educated and knowledgeable in current events is a plus, as is being versatile and friendly enough to talk to all types of people regardless of age, job, or hobbies. When you enter a store, expect to be greeted with a smile, and knowledgeable salespeople will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect piece of jewelry. In order to provide customers with the best possible service, Blue Nile recognizes the necessity of educated, knowledgeable consumers.

The website as well as knowledgeable sales staff is happy to assist grooms-to-be select the perfect ring for their beloved, as well as plan a romantic proposal or private getaway.

You can easily become a knowledgeable person (with this learning approach)

With personable, knowledgeable service and a wide range of styles and prices, the company offers everything a couple needs to start on their journey toward happily ever after. Robbins Brothers is the best known retailer dedicated to engagement rings, though many merchants do have larger-than-average engagement ring collections and knowledgeable salespeople.

It can be difficult to establish the authenticity of an engagement ring at an online auction, particularly if it is being sold by an individual rather than a knowledgeable jeweler. This makes the setting of the stone in a standard mounting very straightforward, and this is a service that many reputable and knowledgeable jewelers can offer. Couples today are generally more knowledgeable about diamond quality and therefore choose higher quality, and therefore higher priced, engagement rings.

Couples may at first be overwhelmed with the many options available at the Exchange, but the clear website and knowledgeable sales staff can help anyone choose the best jewelry for their style and budget. Knowledgeable dealers will be able to give you advice as to the best type of ring and let you know whether any repair or special care is required.

The owners have been in the business for over 30 years, so they are very knowledgeable about their products. They are small, knowledgeable pieces that fill out a magazine's .

I need a knowledgeable guy

If you can prove that you're knowledgeable about the latest health news or that you can distill complex scientific concepts for a lay audience, editors are much more likely to give you a chance to write for their publications. The company strives for perfection, offering its clients honesty, integrity, competitive prices and knowledgeable associates.

A knowledgeable salesperson will guide you to the lightest bag for your height and adjust the straps to create the best fit and balance. The salespeople - who are often also the owners and deers - will be knowledgeable and ready to help tailor a bag to suit your needs. He is knowledgeablehealth conscious and somewhat of a perfectionist. Libra men love women who are knowledgeable about the finer things in life.

Knowledgeable sentence example

The bull is very knowledgeable about his world and extremely articulate. Taurus has a penchant for the fine art and fancies himself knowledgeable enough to know what constitutes good art. You'll be more knowledgeable about which shows are appropriate if you watch them first.

However, the sales staff may not be as knowledgeable and the seleciton likely won't be as big as more specialized stores. Revise and update yourread professional publications to make sure you're knowledgeable about current trends in your industry, and consider gaining any technical certifications that may make you a more valuable employee.

Having a knowledgeable friend to help narrow down your options is key. The reason to follow authoritative advice is simple: these people know what works and are knowledgeable in the area of saving money.

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Television shows often interview knowledgeable people, libraries and bookstores devote entire sections to books written by authorities and many of these authorities have their own websites. Unfortunately, this is a dying custom, but if you shop for SAS shoes at a d retailer, you'll hopefully find knowledgeable and helpful staff who can recommend the right shoes for you.

While you can certainly buy Mizuno baseball cleats online at such quality sources as Zappos, it is always best to try on a new pair of athletic shoes in a shop where the salespeople are knowledgeable and experienced. With shoes this specific and technical, it's useful to try them on and get assistance from someone who is qualified and knowledgeable. This might be fine, as you aren't making a large investment, but if you have the opportunity to consult with someone knowledgeable before you buy, do take it. Shore excursions: Though tours and island activities may seem expensive, shore excursions are a good deal and frequently include knowledgeable guides, transportation to and from the ship to the excursion site, and necessary equipment.

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Travel agents who have earned this distinction have completed special Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority training, and are knowledgeable about all things related to Vegas travel. While there are specialist sellers who are highly knowledgeable and experienced second hand watch sellers, there are also a large of vendors who are passing on fake goods as genuine items.

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A specialist retailer will also be able to give knowledgeable advice about a watch including any potential problems and the overall condition of the watch. This helps to avoid fakes and also ensures that good quality and knowledgeable after sales support is given. While there are many excellent and knowledgeable watch sellers on eBay, there are also some that are less reliable.

Often, an individual will seek out the assistance of a knowledgeable yoga therapist, who will in turn apply the holistic principles of yoga to address a concern. Whether online, over the phone or in person, being knowledgeable about what printers are out there, their average cost and what you need makes it easier for you to purchase one. It's important you find an attorney you feel comfortable with and who is knowledgeable about local and state regulations concerning your industry.

The general purpose of a report is to provide other individuals with the necessary information they need to be knowledgeable about an issue or event or to allow them to perform their job duties. Likewise, if your customer comes to your office, store, or showroom in person, they should be able to deal with someone who is knowledgeable and who can make decisions about how to deal with their concerns immediately. One of the best things that any small business owner can do is to cultivate a relationship with a knowledgeable business banking specialist.

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Whether your company is already established or if you are just getting started, there's no substitute for having a knowledgeable banker in your corner. You should show in your cover letter that you are knowledgeable about the position that is available. Once you feel certain that your is error free and appropriately formatted, give it to a few other people who are knowledgeable about s and job search skills to review and make suggestions for improvement. Instead, hire a professional web deer who is knowledgeable about marketing to create an attractive, easy-to-navigate website that accurately conveys the features and benefits that your company has to offer to potential clients.

Because of all the new technology in cars these days, read your owner's manual on how to jump-start your vehicle so you don't ruin any electrical components, or ask a knowledgeable friend to help you. Using an appraiser, who is knowledgeable in classic and kit car values, is the only way to get a true fair market value on a kit car. Doing your research at the Kelly Blue Book website will ensure that you're completely prepared and knowledgeable the moment you walk onto the used car lot.

While you may need a great deal of auto repair experience to get a specific diagnosis for your car, you can appear more knowledgeable and confident if you have the details about the problem when you contact your mechanic. Some stores are better than others at hiring knowledgeable staff, but that's true with any business. If you ever have problems with a craft and need someone knowledgeable to ask, your local craft shop is I need a knowledgeable guy wonderful place to go for advice. Some of these stores have in-house classes that are run by knowledgeable staff members. One way in which it tries to distinguish itself is the in-store classes, informational displays and knowledgeable staff who can actually help customers with questions about how to proceed with a craft project.

You can feel confident in buying some of the more expensive pieces of equipment knowing that you are already knowledgeable about how to use them. Successfully planning vegetarian meals requires that dieters be knowledgeable about the macronutrients, as well as the vitamins and minerals found in various foods.

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Within the walls of the various establishments, you are bound to experience a certain degree of personal attention, a knowledgeable staff about the services and products, and a customary weight-in procedure. Counting calories is a common yet frustrating method of food monitoring, but now dieters and anyone interested in being knowledgeable about what they eat can turn to a convenient online resource: the Calorie King. Sur la Table has a huge selection of specialty plates and fondue accessories, and their knowledgeable staff can help you to pick the set that's right for you.

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The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage.


He's a knowledgeable guy , and spoke at length about the development of Defense Distributed's lower receiver, telling me that failure was a part of the scientific process.


Very smart people are acting in ways that are ungentlemanly and unwomanly.


Very smart people are acting in ways that are ungentlemanly and unwomanly.