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Women are entitled to enjoy the same human rights and fundamental freedoms as other individuals.

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Under international human rights law, women may also be entitled to specific additional rights such as those concerning reproductive healthcare. As a particularly vulnerable group, women have special status and protection within the United Nations and regional human rights systems.

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Additional treaties, which may address specific human rights or protect the rights of other vulnerable groups, apply equally to women. It condemns any form of discrimination against women and reaffirms the importance of guaranteeing equal political, economic, social, cultural and civil rights to women and men. CEDAW provides that there should be equal political, economic, social, cultural and civil rights for women regardless of their marital status and requires States to enact national legislation banning discrimination articles 1, 2 and 3.

It permits States to take temporary special measures to Married ladies seeking sex Geneva the achievement of equality in practice between men and women Article 4and to take actions to modify social and cultural patterns that perpetuate discrimination Article 5. The Convention also addresses the need for equal access to education Article CEDAW requires States to take appropriate measures to eliminate discrimination in matters relating to marriage and family and underlines the equal responsibilities of men and women in the context of family life Article The Convention also emphasizes the need for childcare facilities and other social services to help women satisfy family obligations along with work responsibilities and participation in public life Article CEDAW calls for non-discriminatory health services for women, including family planning services Article Special attention is given to the problems faced by rural women Article 14sexual trafficking of women, and other sexual exploitation of women Article 6.

Most of the reservations are deed to preserve the authority of national or religious law that may contradict CEDAW, or to withdraw the State from the arbitration provision found in Article It also specifies that women have the right to dignity Article 3the right to equality in marriage Article 6and the right to decide whether to have children Article The protocol also addresses the problem of trafficking in women Article 4.

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The Convention also reaffirms the right of all women to enjoy and exercise the rights protected by other regional and international human rights instruments Article 4. The Convention also imposes duties on States to take affirmative steps to prevent, punish, and eradicate violence against women and to progressively undertake measures to address the social and cultural factors contributing to violence or discrimination against women Article 7. The Convention also establishes a monitoring mechanism consisting of 10 to 15 independent experts that will monitor the implementation of the Istanbul Convention.

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Istanbul Convention, art. Men and women must have equal opportunity to enjoy the full spectrum of human rights in all spheres of life. See, e. I29 March Although many key human rights instruments contain prohibitions on gender discrimination and progress has been made toward the achievement of gender equality, critical objectives for the empowerment and equality of women have not yet been reached.

For example, in many countries women remain underrepresented in government and corporate leadership positions, earn lower wages, and are less likely than their male counterparts to obtain a primary education. To this end, governments adopted the Beijing Declaration and Platform of Action, which is not legally binding but has nonetheless been integral to the identification of areas of critical concern and the development of a forward-looking agenda for achieving gender equality. International human rights law prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender. CEDAWart. Gender discrimination is not only a consequence of existing laws and policies, but also of long standing traditions, cultural practices and religious customs.

I29 Marchpara.

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For example, in many places around the world women may be denied employment or educational opportunities because of their gender, may be subjected to harmful practices like Married ladies seeking sex Geneva genital cutting, and may not have adequate access to legal and law enforcement protection against domestic violence.

States have an obligation to ensure that both men and women have the opportunity to equally enjoy all of their rights by eliminating all forms discrimination against women. As such, States must take all appropriate measures including adopting anti-discrimination legislation, establishing legal protection for the rights of women, and modifying or abolishing discriminatory laws and practices.

Some of the most harmful and prevalent abuses occur in the following areas: violence against women, reproductive health, participation in society and government, marriage and family, labor and employment, and property rights. In addition, the international community has recognized the particular challenges faced by women who are human rights defenders.

Freedom from violence and fear of violence is essential to the full enjoyment of all human rights. Under international human rights law, States have an obligation to refrain from committing acts of violence against women for example, the State is responsible for ensuring that soldiers do not commit rape and to put in place laws and policies to prevent others from doing the same such as by criminalizing domestic violence.

In fulfilling the latter duty, the State cannot be expected to prevent all violence between individuals; however, the State must implement effective mechanisms to reduce the frequency of the violence, prosecute perpetrators, and assist victims.

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Republic of Moldovano. Preliminary Objections, Merits, Reparations and Costs. Judgment of August 31, Series C No. United States21 July Along with the more general protection against violence for all persons, such as the rights to life and freedom from cruel and degrading treatment, women may be entitled to specific protection against violence committed by the State or third parties under specialized treaties.

Preliminary Objection, Merits, Reparations, and Costs. Judgment of November 16, Violence against women takes many forms, including but not limited to sexual violence, sexual violence in conflict zones, genital mutilation, and domestic violence.

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Sexual violence includes rape, enforced prostitution, and other forms of sexual assault. As with other forms of violence, as described above, States have an obligation to prevent State actors from committing sexual violence against women, as well as a duty to adopt laws and policies to prevent such abuses by private persons and to ensure the effective investigation and prosecution of those responsible.

TurkeyECtHR, no.

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Bulgariano. In Aydin v. Turkeythe European Court of Human Rights found that the rape of a year-old detainee by a State agent constituted torture. ECtHR, Aydin v. TurkeyJudgment of 25 September The European Court also recognized a positive State obligation to investigate allegations of rape. Similarly, the European Court found Turkey responsible for violating Article 3 prohibition on inhuman treatment when police failed to provide appropriate medical examinations to a woman in custody and the government could not offer a plausible explanation for the injuries she had sustained in detention.

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Turkeyno. Sexual violence against women is especially prevalent in conflict zones. Militaries and rebel groups have used rape and other forms of sexual violence as a military tactic against civilian populations. Inthe UN Security Council adopted Resolutionwhich recognized the need for collective action by States, civil society and international actors to implement preventative measures, protect civilians during conflict, and punish perpetrators.

Congo v. Burundi, Rwanda, and UgandaCommunication No. In the case of D. Congoarmed forces of Burundi, Rwanda, and Uganda raped and killed women in the Democratic Republic of Congo, among other violations. The Democratic Republic of Congo also alleged that the Rwandan and Ugandan forces specifically attempted to decimate local populations by spreading AIDS through the rape of Congolese women and girls. Sexual violence may also constitute a crime against humanity, and the international criminal tribunals for both Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia have prosecuted individuals in connection with sexual violence committed against women during conflict.

Akayesu Case No. World Health Organization, Factsheet No. Domestic violence may be emotional, psychological, physical, or sexual. Although this kind of abuse involves relationships between individuals and generally takes place in the private sphere, States still have a positive obligation to provide legal mechanisms to protect women from domestic violence, including the investigation and prosecution of those responsible.

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Human rights bodies have held that States have positive obligations to investigate and prosecute domestic violence. In a landmark decision concerning Brazil, the Inter-American Commission declared that the State had an affirmative obligation to take all measures to prevent and end violence against women, including prosecution of domestic violence. HungaryCommunication No. Where the State is aware of the threat of violence, it must take action to prevent harm to the individual at risk. Republic of MoldovaJudgment of 28 May finding that the State violated Article 3 prohibition of inhuman and degrading treatment and Article 14 prohibition of discrimination taken in conjunction with Article 3 for when it failed to protect the first applicant from a known threat of domestic violence and punish the perpetrator.

Slovakiano. In two complaints brought on behalf of women who had been killed by their husbands after multiple violent incidents over a ificant time period, the Committee focused on the fact that the women had each made multiple appeals for assistance from law enforcement and courts. AustriaCommunication No. The CEDAW Committee found the State had violated Article 2 a, c-fwhich requires States to take appropriate steps to eliminate discrimination against women, and Article 3 read in conjunction with Article 1 of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women as well as General Recommendation 19 violence against women.

Geographic variation and determinants of help seeking behaviour among married women subjected to intimate partner violence: evidence from national population survey

The Committee determined that under the circumstances, the police knew or should have known that the victims were in serious danger, and were therefore able for failing to exercise due diligence. AustriaViews of 6 Augustparas.

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AustriaViews of 6 Augustpara. Under international human rights law, States have an obligation to ensure that all women have access to comprehensive reproductive health services. I, para.

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Intimate partner violence IPV is a global public health problem that has substantial consequences on the physical, mental, sexual and reproductive health of women.


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